a podcast for True Leaders

360 Size Up with
Fireman Dan

Helping leaders in the fire and emergency service industries with a purposeful podcast.

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a podcast for true leaders

Speaking together differently in order to live together differently.

My informative and educational podcast focuses on a core audience of fire service leaders, future fire service leaders, and anyone with a passion for the fire service or personal development. This podcast will give you instant strategies, tactics, and real life stories to inspire your growth as a leader in the fire service industry.

The fire service profession has produced some of the finest leaders in the world. 360 Size Up provides a window of insight into the lives of these leaders in a series of one-on-one conversations, giving listeners opportunity to learn from stories of hard-fought successes and failures alike.



This is a podcast for those bold enough to take the small steps.

Featuring accomplished experts from all over the globe, these conversations help inspire the rookie firefighter to the senior firefighter to pursue true leadership.

About the host

I have a simple goal

My goal is to shine a light on the Fire and Emergency Services industry, and deliver it to ears around the world.

a podcast for true leaders

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